Circus Dumbbell
Circus Dumbbell
Circus Dumbbell
Circus Dumbbell

Circus Dumbbell

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This loadable circus dumbbell is sure to turn some heads, when you tell folks you secretly got a bunch of plates loaded on the inside.

Each bell has an inner diameter of 12", length of 12" and loading sleeve length of 12".

Handle length is 5" by default, but other lengths can be requested.

Total weight is approximately 65 lbs (may vary a little depending on handle length and diameter chosen).

Different options are available for the handle diameter. Some grip enthusiasts like the 2-3/8" in order to practice their inch dumbbell lifts.

These are not rated for dropping directly onto the floor or unpadded surface. Please use deadlift pads or other protective cushioning.

Please note that some lock collars may not fit on this specialty bar. We recommend grabbing a pair of our in-house 
lock collars or ensuring that your own can accommodate the 1.9" sleeve diameter.

Other circus dumbbell sizes can be requested.