Mystery Box
Mystery Box

Mystery Box

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Hosting a competition medley or simply looking to diversify your collection?

Grab one of our mystery boxes and save over 70% in value! They will contain a random assortment of grip goodies made from odds and ends, seconds, upcycled materials, overstock, or unwanted colours. Regardless of any imperfections, each piece undergoes some processing to ensure they are fully functional and serve value in grip training.

For example, our smallest size (3 lb) box could contain 1 vertical rocket/beam, 1 hub, 1 key pinch, 1 spherical implement and 1 abstract implement. Alternatively, it could instead be 1 larger pinch block with 1 or 2 smaller key pinches. Choose a higher weight box if you'd like more of the medium and big pieces.

Specify in the cart notes if you want us to include any particular product types (ex. smaller vs larger pieces, pinches, vertical pipes, rolling handles, etc). Otherwise, we will let our imagination run wild and attempt to surprise you!